DM57 Cabrillo College Fall 2018

Social Media and Self-Promotion


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About the Course

You'll learn to use social media for self-promotion and will understand the importance of building your "personal brand.” You'll learn how to collaborate and network and you'll learn how to have fun in the process while you promote your brand. You may use pseudonym/pen-name in order to maintain privacy (as long as the brand is you in character, name is immaterial). This technique will give you time to prepare to launch your personal pages only when you're ready! You'll gain confidence in your posts and replies and you will learn how to manage your social media marketing time. If you currently have any social media presence, we'll discuss ways to integrate new content promoting your work or startegies to create brand new pages. You'll have a guided path, but you'll tailor it to fit the brand that is YOU.

Please note: there may be changes and adjustments to this schedule throughout the course, as needed.

Week 1: Social Networks

This first week will offer an overview of all the social media platforms covered in the course (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Medium, and others). We will also lay the groundwork for setting up pages on all the social media platforms we'll cover throughout the course. We'll learn how to support each other on social media by becoming our own network and we'll learn how to leverage a network for the next 7 weeks. We'll kick off by tapping into digital media skills right away! We'll explore why the artwork of a couple of well-known, well-established facebook profiles work or why they don't work. Then, we'll create our own original Facebook artwork that we think improves upon those posts or create new ones of our own.


Class meets: October 22, 2018.

Week 2: Establishing a Personal Brand

Before embarking on presenting ourselves on various social media platforms, it's important to understand what makes us each unique and how we can present ourselves effectively. We'll learn how to create cover art that reflects our own personal "brand"; we'll create unique bios (one short and one long); and we'll learn how to take a great profile photo. Yes, you can be your own brand (actually you already are you're own personal brand, so take pride in that!). We’ll show off the beginnings of our personal brands by creating a few boards on Pinterest.

Class meets: October 29, 2018.

Week 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Now we’ll really dig in! For Facebook, we learn about groups (might even start one of our own!) and how to hone-in on our audience. We'll discuss the difference between personal and business pages and we’ll see how Facebook ad metrics work. Twitter will be the anatomy of a tweet, how to retweet, how to get noticed, how to make and use lists and how to use tools like Crowdfire to help organize our Twitter network. For Instagram, we'll learn about posts and replies and how to use our daily events as news. We'll have fun with our reconaissance of great, immediate posts. We'll learn how to curate content so that we expend less effort while creating better content.

Class meets: November 5, 2018.

Week 4: Take a Break, It’s a Holiday!

No class, Cabrillo College closed for Veteran’s Day.

Class does not meet: November 12, 2018.

Week 5: Audience, Timing and Automation

As the world’s newest self-promotion experts, we’ll now learn the tricks of the trade on how to spend less time on the labor-intensive side of marketing ourselves by planning automated posts of both curated and original content. We will have discovered, in the last 5 weeks, the best times to reach our audience and we’ll learn to take advantage of that with automated tools. We’ll learn how to start stacking up our own content to plan ahead for posts.

Class meets: November 19, 2018.

Week 6: Blogging, Vlogging and LinkedIn

We’ll set up a blog on Medium and create a plan for our posts (only one is required for this class). We’ll learn good practices for setting up and shooting a vlog. If our timing works with the schedule of an amazing vlogger, I have asked an amazing artist and vlogger (with nearly 100,000 YouTube followers!) to help us with tips and tricks on setting up a personal vlog. He'll try to be available to us exclusively as a guest speaker in the class today! Vlogging is not required in this class, but you may have fun with it for your final presentation. With LinkedIn, we’ll lay the groundwork for a beautiful, effective online résumé. LinkedIn will be addressed again for our final project.

Class meets: November 26, 2018.

Week 7: Preparing Final Presentations

This week we'll sort through a social media plan, our blog or vlog, and our plan for LinkedIn. Apart from understanding the structure of our presentations (and goals for self-promotion after class ends and we carve our own paths), this is a great day for brainstorming and building confidence in what we have learned and will embark on on our own.

Class meets: December 3, 2018.

Week 8: Final Presentations

This week we'll present our final projects in a fun format: during and after presentations, students will post comments on the presenter's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. We'll have the option of creating a presentation that is solely a video of ourself and our projects, or we can present in front of the class (or we can choose to do a combination of both). A combination of in-class feedback and online support will help us branch out to promote our own personal brand on social media after class this class ends...for years to come!

Class meets: December 10, 2018.

Learning Outcomes

In eight short weeks, we will have used social media professionally and strategically for self-promotion. We’ll have created our own social network with our classmates as we will have helped one another with supportive replies to posts and we'll have offered invaluable insight with our shared experiences. We'll discuss leveraging our network and expanding it in order to have continued success on all our social media endeavors.


The Teacher

Read more about me, Julia Machotka, at the Cabrillo College web site.